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BNP Paribas Cup 2013
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Windmill Cup 2013

Balle Mimosa Loire-Atlantique 2013

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I am playing in the quarters of the doubles today with Wuyibing from China, we got to this stage last week but lost, hopefully we can win today vs #1 seeds.

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New Site ITF U14 Asia Tour 2013

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I am in Europe right now in Nantes and we are doing some site reorganization, please bear with me, Charlie

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Final Day—Tired!

Posted on November 12, 2011 by admin No Comments
Mr Capello

Saturday 12 November 2011—FINAL DAY IN SPAIN—Final session and I am tired today, all other days have been fine but my legs and right shoulder were sore today. We have checked out and are in the Deli Cafe (it is not Delhi Cafe) waiting for Joe and Alan before going to Si! Bar and watching […]

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Day 7—Local Puss, just call me George

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Los Lomas Village Pussy Cats

Today Alan decided that my new name was George. He called me George and decided that I looked like a ‘George’ and hence would have a new name. This is a video of me hitting with Ellie, also getting some heat from Dad, who also played on the clay today.

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Day 7—Taking Risks vs Rewards

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Friday 11 November 2011—1000–1300 Only 1 session today, players are getting battle weary. Fluent movement, taking away reliance on anchored foot positions, one ball drills and then some sets. All good stuff! Need to keep working on my movement and coordination, so I can get in better positions to play my aggressive game and also […]

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Day 6—Learning to date…

Posted on November 10, 2011 by admin No Comments

Alan asked me what I had learned this week, my tongue got tied….

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Day 6—Inquest

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Question time, review of the week so far

Thursday 10 November AM—Alan was asking, what have we learnt from this week? Perhaps, the single ball warm up (5 minutes with one ball, do not ‘waste’ a ball [different to a miss])? Or maybe, the correct use of ones eyes? For some of us, learning about positioning to hit the ball, a sort of […]

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Day 5—The Comfort Zone

Posted on November 9, 2011 by admin No Comments
La Manga Day 5

Wednesday 9 November—We had some average Chinese food last night, Thai food in disguise. I had some prawns, a good choice since some of the other players left their food. The parents were on the ‘big’ table, Alan was chairman and Joe vice-chair. Today was a half day only. Alan was strict with us today, […]

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Day 4—Feeling the heat Bro!

Posted on November 8, 2011 by admin No Comments

Morning Session—It was warm and needed plenty of water and powerade to run through the session. It is hard work but I have coped fine to date, I wonder if it will catch up with me by the end of a hard, intensive week. Afternoon session at 1415, looking forward to it. Dad is going […]

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Day 4 – Broke a String

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Tuesday 8 November—Up at 0745 this morning and had a nice breakfast at the Deli Cafe in Los Lomas Village prepared by Chef Pedro (easy on the baked beans bro!). Out at Si Bar with all the players and parents last night, had some burgers and chicken wings, played football in the garden. Felt good […]

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